Your search for a good CBSE home tuition in Dwarka ends here. We can assure you a great percentage and rank for your ward in his examinations with our home tutor in Dwarka. We have tried to accumulate points, which will help you to choose the right institute for your ward.

home tutor in Dwarka.

Why us?

Testing Mechanism: Our home tuition in south Delhi has a very strong testing mechanism. Our home tutor in south Delhi conducts chapter-wise, phase-wise and mock test papers (as per CBSE pattern) to make sure that students stay on their toes and keep up with the studies during the whole year. It also works as early pointers and makes sure that we don’t get any unexpected results from the finals.

Regular Assignments and Practice Problems: A steady flow of well-thought home assignments is a must to make sure that students devote enough time for their self-studies. We at home tuition in Dwarka have developed our tests/assignments after extensive research. These assignments cover numerous problems of different flavors and different grades, ranging from board level, HOTS to brain teasers.

Syllabus Coverage as per CBSE guidelines: The lecture plans for the year are developed well in advance, taking care of all holidays. Our home tutor in Dwarka also make sure to move the syllabus as per CBSE guidelines so that the students are ahead in their schools in terms of the syllabus; we can secure good marks in UTs etc. The school lectures will be just revision for them.

Reporting/Support: A well equipped IT system is in place which by default sends all the test marks to the guardians by SMS instantly. Parents are always welcome with their suggestions or discussions with our support team. Even faculty and parent meeting are arranged from time to time to make keep the two-way communication going in our home tuition in south Delhi.

Counseling Sessions: Attitude is the biggest factor in achieving success. Our home tutor in south Delhi has various motivational sessions, reward programs, and SWOT analysis sessions in place to keep your ward in the best possible mental state.